One-on-One Class

  • 300 RMB/hr
  • 480 SEK/hr
  • 48 EUR/hr
  • 50 USD/hr

2-4 Persons Class

  • 180 RMB/hr
  • 290 SEK/hr
  • 29 EUR/hr
  • 30 USD/hr

Group Class

  • 150 RMB/hr
  • 240 SEK/hr
  • 24 EUR/hr
  • 25 USD/hr
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Why Choose Us...

Professional teacher

Jennifer has been a professional Mandarin Chinese teacher since 2015. She has hundreds of students from around the world who come from more than thirty countries.

Flexible schedule

Your class schedules will be based on your individual requirements and availability. Provided you book ahead of time, you can get the schedule you want.

Reliable policy

We write a professional agreement with our student. If our teacher cancels class with short notice, or don’t show up on time, you will be well compensated.

Our Happy Clients!

Jennifer is a superb Chinese teacher and supported my needs in learning Chinese very well. I worked with her to define my learning goals - pronunciation improvement, listening improvement, more fluent speech and conversations, improving my reading out loud, understanding more business oriented Chinese. Jennifer was excellent at catching the most important mistakes and working with me on them until I improved. And then we worked on the next problem. We often discuss the news, or a magazine article about my company, a work email, websites, menus, Chinese internet jokes or memes. I learned how to tell stories about things that were relevant to my life and hence could be used again and again with friends and colleagues, making it memorized and familiar. Jennifer is also a professionally trained teacher of Chinese to foreigners - she can accurately describe how to pronounce various sounds in terms of mouth shape, tongue position etc. She has a perfectly standard accent (but can also illustrate Beijing slang) and is familiar with common variations of Chinese you might encounter. She was very experienced in understanding my poorly pronounced Chinese and then over time improving it to much more standard pronunciation. And she was excellent at sticking to my request of almost always just using Chinese during lessons - despite it sometimes being a bit hard for both of us. So many times I struggled to explain something I wanted to say, and she would patiently listen and then help me not only say it, but explain how to more easily explain myself. And of course she is a professional when it comes to punctuality, preparation and confirming timing.
Tyson Dowd
Melbourne, Australia
Jennifer was the first Chinese teacher I had since coming to Beijing 2 years ago, and she continues to be a great mentor today. The first day I met her, she gave me an introductory class to acquaint ourselves and to gauge my Mandarin level. She examined my reading, listening, speaking, and writing, and designed a game plan for me to improve skills at a realistic and efficient pace. After two years, she has encouraged me to take the HSK 6, and we are currently working together to get my Mandarin skills prepared for the upcoming test.
Shelly Cai
New York, USA
Jennifer老师教中文教得非常好,她要求很高但是很耐心。I have taken classes with Jennifer 老师 both in Beijing and on Skype. She is always highly professional and a pleasure to learn with. I can particularly recommend taking writing classes with Jennifer 老师. Since I started systematic 汉字 writing classes with Jennifer 老师 my ability to recognise and write Chinese characters has improved dramatically. Jennifer 老师 is excellent and I can highly recommend her as a teacher to anyone who wants to make serious progress in learning Chinese.
Berlin, Germany

Frequently Asked Questions...

You can pay by PayPal, Swish, WeChat, Alipay or from your bank account. There are also four different currencies you can use which you can see at the top of this web page. Contact us, then you will get the details of each payment method. 

You can have the in-person class in Chinanewcomer’s office in Beijng and in Umeå. The addresses are on the page “Contact”. At the same time,  you can also choose wherever you want, as long as it’s also convenient to the teacher. For example, your home,  your office, a coffee shop, etc. But the transportation is needed.

We recommend Skype, Teams, Google meet and WeChat. If the student has any special requirement, you can discuss with the teacher directly.

It’s very flexible. The teacher usually make a study plan before the lesson according to the student’s level and ability. Students can also decide the class length by themselves.