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Beijing, China / Umeå, Sweden

About Us

We provide professional services for people around world who are interested in Chinese language, Chinese culture or doing business in China. Our Chinese Mandarin classes are enjoyed by both private and cooperate clients, and with our business support we help companies that are new to China better liaise with their Chinese customer, suppliers, or business partners.

Chinese Mandarin Class

People at all ages and all levels around the world are welcome to our Mandarin Chinese classes. We have two types of classes, in-person class (Beijing/Umeå) and on-line class. You can choose one-on-one class or group class according to your ability and study goals. In the class, the teacher will also introduce Chinese culture while teaching Chinese language.

Business Support

We help Chinese and European companies to connect with one another. If China is a new but important market for your company, our team can help you with various activities related to marketing in China. We can even act as your employee and represent your company in China. If you are a larger company with business in China, maybe you need a consultant to help your employees understand Chinese business culture better?

Our team

Jennifer Gao

Jennifer has many years’ experience of teaching Mandarin Chinese to hundreds of students around the world. She is a Beijinger but is also fluent in English. She is passionate about teaching Chinese and has her own YouTube channel “Jennifer Mandarin”. Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in law and is also a professional Chinese lute, pipa, teacher.

Göran Aronsson

Göran has a Ph. D. in Biochemistry from Umeå University, Sweden, before he was a post-doctoral fellow at Washington University in St. Louis, USA. Since 2001 he has worked with R&D, as well as marketing, within the field of in-vitro diagnostics. He is currently at HSK4 Mandarin Chinese level and has not yet given up the goal of becoming fluent.